While there aren't any fires near to our homestead, the smoke of those burning in the west shrouds the surrounding mountains and covers the sky. Our view is quite limited by the constant haze and if I use the clothes line our clothes smell like they were dried near a campfire. Minor inconveniences to be sure, but a part of our days, lately.

We pray that the wildfires will be put out quickly and that all will be safe.


Hay Field

We took a drive to a nearby field dotted with hay bales to pick up the remaining bales that we purchased for our homestead's winter hay supply. Quite serene it looked, such a lovely spot... and the big Montana sky and the surrounding mountains shrouded in the smoke that has become a normal part of late summer in the west.


I Am Persuaded

"For I am persuaded,
that neither death, nor life, nor angels,
 nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come,
nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing,
will be able to separate us from the love of God,
 which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Romans 8:38-39 {WEB}

Such a beautiful truth from God's word to meditate on as I reminisce about our recent fun day trip getaway amidst the towering pines in the mountains. Our God is so wonderful... amazing love that is beyond our comprehension!

The Scripture in this post is from the World English Bible (Public Domain).

Hummingbird on the Fence

Oooo... one of the wee hummingbirds that has been visiting our feeder this week finally held still long enough for me to capture a few images. Such an adorable little creature taking a rest while perched upon our fence. Love! 💟



Jack stood sentry over the pasture as I indulged in an early morning hoopdance flow in the out-of-doors. He is a loyal companion, that dog of mine, rarely leaving my side. And I enjoyed both views as I danced with my hoop in the golden hour of morning... the view of the herd of deer down by the road and the view of my dear buddy Jack keeping a watchful eye on those deer.

Such a beautiful start to the day! I love the simple life.

Farm Fresh Eggs

We have plenty of nesting boxes for our lovely flock of ladies. And yet, more often than not, they will choose to take turns and lay their eggs in the same nesting box. It does make me smile to discover a pile of them! Homegrown farm fresh eggs are the best...
thank you, ladies!


My Clementine

Such a beauty my sweet Pygmy goat Clementine is, yes? I just love her.



Wildflower season is coming to an end on our homestead as July slips into August. We are still savoring the beauty of the dwindling blooms scattered about the pasture. Like these purple beauties that we came upon during last evening's golden hour walkabout.

So lovely!


Alongside the Road

Perhaps I am a tad bit stubborn about such things, but I refuse to think of lovely God-planted wildflowers as weeds. It is my habit to choose joy and kindness, even when it comes to flowers. {smile} Maybe that is why I avoid what is for so many a negative label? And isn't this wild yellow beauty a bright and cheerful thing! I do love it.

How is it that these wildflowers thrive in cracks of pavement and patches of gravel anyway, I do wonder. 🤔


Hornworm Caterpillar

One of our boys was quite excited to discover this 3-inch long hornworm caterpillar inching its way across our barnyard basketball court as he practiced his game earlier today. We are creating for the caterpillar an environment for our nature study sketches and observations and its transformation.

Praise the Lord for this unexpected summer homeschool project! {smile}