birthday match

Wrapping gifts - for our boy's upcoming birthday *and* for Christmas - on the porch, using the washing machine top as a table, I was rather surprised that under such make-do and rather cramped wrapping conditions I accidentally managed to almost perfectly match the printed design at the seam for one of the birthday presents.

I rarely accomplish that feat even if I am trying! {smile}


just right

Jack, one ear tossed back and tongue wagging.
Juno, so quiet and reserved.
Yes, my dog and grand-dog are quite a pair.
Oh, how I love them both just the way they are.



Christmas tree decorated with {violet} ornaments
a lovely bit of holiday cheer at our local grocery store
image captured for my {colorsoftherainbow} photo project


wood pile

stacked and ready for the wood stove...
a neatly arranged pile of cozy!



. . . because this cute and colorful rooster ornament looks even cuter standing in my hanging plant than it looked dangling from a branch of our Christmas tree . . .


in my homestead kitchen

grinding wheat berries into flour to make bread

family fun night's traditional homemade pizzas

some of the fixings for a big batch of pasta sauce



November photo prompt project: 30/30
image inspired by the word: cozy
the heart ornaments we made . . .
(decorating the Christmas tree for family fun night)

And that brings my November photo prompt project to a close.
Thirty inspired images in thirty days.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. {smile}



November photo prompt project: 29/30
image inspired by the word: meaningful
my headbands, wraps, and headcoverings (1 Corinthians 11)